A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

“Dragon Horde: Revenge of the Wizard King” is a game created for Ludum Dare 42 with the theme “running out of space”. DH:ROTWK is a 2-player competitive arcade game where a thicc Dragon and a gloopy Wizard King face off in a battle of ultimate strategy. 

Contrary to popular belief, “Revenge of the Wizard King” is not a sequel, but a reboot of the Dragon Horde franchise. Open-World Battle-Royale elements have been scrapped in order to accommodate the superior high-intensity spirit of Jezzball.

No one quite knows why the Magical Monarch wants revenge against the Dragon. Some say the Dragon re-did the interior design of the King’s castle without his knowledge, thus replacing the floor with crumbling hexagonal pillars and the walls with bottomless pits. Others speculate that the Dragon is jealous of the way the King has mastered flight with his hot-air balloon, whilst the winged dragon is too large to fly.  Whatever the reason, you can be sure that the deeply detailed lore of the Dragon Horde cinematic universe has a reasonable explanation for the King’s incredible magical ability to literally plop bombs.


P1 is w,a,s,d,~ (or 2),1,

P2 is arrowkeys, period, /

Players: 2

Compatible with Winnitron

Created by:
Ben Bergman (Project Management)
Jason Bolduc (Audio Technician)
Stephanie Chacon-Vega (Programming)
Kyle Hall (2D Art)
Mitch Harder (3D Art)
Matt Woelk (Programming)

No Audio

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags3D, Cute, Ludum Dare 42, Multiplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2
LinksLudum Dare


DragonHorde_v1.1.app.zip 183 MB
DragonHorde_v1.3.6.zip 180 MB


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Hello Dragon Horde team!

I was genuinely curious if you were going to continue with this piece at all?
I am a recent graduate of MOSMA (Mid Ocean School of Media Arts) and was wondering if you were or anyone else was looking for someone to do sound for their game? I was itching to come to Ludum Dare 42 this year but unfortunately my little guy got sick so I had to stay home. If this is at all interesting to you guys, let me know! :) I would be happy to assist! 

Let's chat. :) PM me: https://twitter.com/MattWoelk

sorry, it's not letting me PM you on twitter. My twitter is @JaceDTwitch if you're still interested :)