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Love this game, want to play more. My high score is only 110 because I keep having to close the program to go do other things. Please add a save ability. Also would work fantastic as a mobile app. 


Great suggestions, and thanks for playing! :D

i kept thinking 'oh, eventually i'll hit the credits,' because i'm a fool who didn't realize that in fact the names of the makers of the game were the credits. 

it should tell you that i was into this that i've only realized this at 562 tiles

I can't totally blame you, for two reasons: 1) Yup, it's just that much fun. 2) The word "credits" was supposed to appear, but due to a very simple bug it did not. That has been fixed in version 0.6. ♥



I had the awesome honor to cover your game on my website/youtube channel. I can say that I honestly love the game a lot. I do agree with a menu needed to be added if you all decide to make this a full game. Otherwise, a really great game.

Here is gameplay footage of the game as well.


Ah wonderful! Thanks for playing our little game! :)


Great game, I got sucked in pretty quickly. I think there should be menus (like a pause/exit game menu). I hit escape when I was done, assuming it would open a menu but it just closed the program. It's also a bit vague what the enemy's health is at. I'd love to see this done on a bigger scale/have an app.
My high score is 62.


Impressive score! Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it. :)