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Version 2.0 is now up!

Try the new "Endless" mode, and let me know how many pizzas you picked up! My record is currently 32. ;)

I was terrible. 


Awesome little game! V fun, strongly recommend checking it out :) It was the first game I played in this weird games video!!

Can you add compatibility on macOS? I really want to play it but i'm on mac :(

Sadly, I can't do that without buying a mac. :(

So unless someone's "pay what you want" happens to be $1000, it's not in the near future. :/

So I sucked at this game but it was a good bit of random, mental fun haha. Loved the concept and the soundtrack.


Ok me estresé un montón gracias desarrollador te adoro es la primera vez que quería sentirme mal conmigo mismo XDDD 


Hire me plz 

Not too shabby! See if you can beat the high score. :)

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This was so much fun to play, and such a weird concept. I loved it. God the physics on this alone. I wonder if the upcharge is higher due it being by pony. It's the second game in my video above. Let me know if you make anything else, I would love to try it. 

I checked this out in a free games video! I was trash but it was fun to play, defo recommend it  :DD



فروست لايف مان برو جاد دييييم


improve the grapics just  a little bit

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I got tipped with apples and carrots. Very fun game that was hilarious to play. Keep up the great work! 

Nice job man! ❤️


I Had A Blast Playing This Game 10/10

I was not good at this at all but i tried lol. Good Job!!

You think you have what it takes to deliver pizzas!? You think you can avoid dropping phat stacks on the ground!? Well good, because you gotta if you want to succeed. This is a fun game, I say that a lot and but genuinely enjoyed trying NOT to drop the pizzas, no matter how futile it was... for how short the game is, it provides a few good laughs and a really hard challenge...

Nice game. Strange physics.